Parental Advised!!!

Hello my beloved readers, or rather viewers :D Today i’m a wearing a top from ASOS, and Pants are from MossMan Australia. Bag is Chanel, and Shoes are Teamshoeicide :D Today’s armcandy are Hermes CDC, Bvlgari snake head bracelet, Michael Kors watch, and Hermes double kelly bracelet :)

I apologies for the lack of words. I’m so sick :( This cough and fever wouldn’t go away T.T

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Monday Fabs!

Good Afternoon my beautiful readers… :D It’s really gloomy out and it was quite a challenge to take picture as we had to literally constantly star up at the sun and will him out… Here are a few shots that we rushed through. Please don’t judge too harshly :D

A top from ForeverNew :) Legging from TOPSHOP . I’m so in love with the details of it. Shoes are Valentino (MY BABY :-*) and Envelope clutch from Michael Kors. Hermes Clic Clac Bangle and Burberry Heart Bracelet are my arms candy today :D Oh and earrings are from DIVA :D Have a good day everyone!! MUAHHHH

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Black and Gold 2014!!!

Happy New Year everyone! i can’t believe 2013 has gone by so fast. I remember earlier last year i was thinking of creating a blog for my #ootd, and here i am this year posting the first outfit for 2014! of course it will be in my favorite colors BLACK AND GOLD <3 nothing beats that. It will never gets old :P (In my opinion anyways lol)

In this outfit i'm wearing a top from NastyGal <3 I'm so in love with it... check it out as it is now on sales. And a skirt from ICE <3 Vest is from Pull and Bear <3 Shoes are LV, Bag is Nano Celine and earrings are Prada :-*










Shoes have feelings!

Merry Christmas everyone! and i’m sorry for posting this a little late. I was so distracted with all the boxing day shopping going on in my town. Anyways, in this post, the title has said it all! THOSE SHOES HAVE SAID IT ALL! they tick all the boxes! attitude, class, comfortably, you name it! I got them from MISS SELFRIDGE <3 Love them so much! i cant wear them everyday though cause i'm scared it might get old :( oh how i wish i bought 2 pairs! lol

That top is from OTTO MODE <3 an Australian brand. And those jeans are from TOP SHOP <3 and bag is Celine YAY :D









Dare a lil!!!

Nothing makes bigger statement than this back-twist shirt that i got from, ever! :-O I am SO in love with it that i got it in every color, yes i did. please don’t judge me :P

Jeans are from Topshop and Shoes are from :D They are amazingly comfy :D and that amazing clutch is from <3







Black Friday!!!

I don’t normally shower myself with all black everything. Most of the time i just feel like a black top and my hair kind of blend in together and I can’t really tell which is which. The other half of the time, i feel like a black top is a safe go-to kind of colour. So to challenge myself, I always try to look for daring colors, just to keep it interesting. But black is classic and it’s sooo easy to pair with anything :D so here i am today rocking Friday with black attire. Of course that saying is true, “too much of anything can make you sick”. So, I’m mixing some grey (vest) in the frame just to highlight my figure. Otherwise the outfit would be too boring to look at :D

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THOSE SHOES though! I got these laced up shoes from :D Vest Jacket is from and jeans are from topshop :* Finishing the look with my all time favorite black/red Celine. Have a good night my lovely readers :*






Tartan Parade!!!

Hello there, i know it’s been a while i haven’t posted anything. I was away on a holiday to Asia for the whole month of November. Please check my Instagram @clashescloset for some peaks here and there of the trips. Full article on it will be uploaded soon :D

Here in this post, back in gloomy weather of Melbourne (it’s supposed to be SUMMER! :( NOOOO! ), I’m wearing a white Tees from Topshop and this tartan skirt from forever21 :D shoes are CHANEL, I was lucky enough to grab the last pair in Takashimaya, Singapore. Python Micro Celine is to complete this outfit. This look is being sprinkled with accessories from Mimco (Necklace and Pearl cuff).








Dreamy Garden!

Today’s outfit is totally inspired by nature. Pink and Green. Somehow when i was wearing this outfit i felt very inspired. It sounds really corny but I did, I know it’s a long way to go but I’ve also come a long way and have learned so many things in the process. I learned that I am not perfect, but that’s okay. Who is? I can go on forever with the passion and the inspiration that is bottled up in me now, but bottom line is, please embrace your differences, love yourself as GOD intended, and follow your dreams. I don’t know about you, but i am right now :)

I’m wearing a top from SUPRE, :) unfortunately i can’t tell you where you can get that skirt, not yet anyways. I was gifted that skirt from this store that does not have an online shop yet – More to come on that one later – Shoes are, always my favorite, Valentino. and Clutch is LV. Necklace is from :D Have a great day everyone!

All photos in this post are taken by

All photos in this post are taken by






Gotta Obey!!!

Evening my fellow late night readers :) I hope you’ve had a great day. Today’s shoot is a bit rusty but i still love it. All these photos are taken by my dear friend and photographer, :) To start off with this “Gotta Obey” street look, of course you need to land a hand on this amazing cap. I got it from , And that Ballin tees that i’m wearing is from an old store that sadly doesn’t have a website that i can access :( hmmmmmm…… Although, you can find something similar from TOPSHOP, as so is that skirt, I got them from TOPSHOP :D Shoes are from Tony Bianco, Bag is from my vintage LV collection. Have a good night :D

Photos are taken by

Photos are taken by






Leopard kind of day!

So I’ve decided to go a little daring with Leopard on Leopard :-) I hope you like it. I’m wearing this bustier top from and highwaisted jeans from TopShop. The Jacket is on the hang in case Melbourne decides to take the sun from me and leave me cold and bare. It’s from ZARA. Shoes are Chanel and Clutch is Dior. :D DSC_0865e